Cancellation Refund Policy

Dear customers, you are requested to go through the cancellation, revision, and refund policy of Masters Assignment Help in detail. This policy is common for every client regardless of their age, gender, or geographical location. This policy is considered a legally binding agreement between this platform (Masters Assignment Help) and you.
  1. No refund for papers that have a deadline of 24 hours or less hence no refund will be processed from our end. In case of assignments that have a deadline of more than 24 hours, you can opt for cancellation anytime before you want, however, there are certain criteria that must be satisfied, which are as follows:
  2. If you are not satisfied with the work delivered by us, then we will make amends in the solution file as per your comments till you are satisfied. However, it should be noted here that your comments/feedback should be in line with the initial requirements/specifications shared by you. No additional work can be entertained as a revision. It is thus recommended that while placing the order you share the correct assessment brief, along with the marking rubric and additional reading materials. We also request you be specific regarding formatting and referencing styles as well. If you need 10 references in a 300-word paper, you need to clearly communicate this to our team because later on this might be treated as additional work, depending upon the complexity of the task and the deadline.
  3. In cases, where the assignment requirements are not clear to the expert who is supposed to work on your paper, the expert will raise a query, and you are required to resolve the query as soon as possible. In case, if there is no revert from your side after 24 hours from the time of the query raised, the expert can choose to proceed with his /her best understanding. In cases, like these, no revision/refund will be initiated.
  4. If the expert missed the deadline, then you are eligible for a full refund or we can do your next assignment for free. However, you must resolve the query that was raised by the expert. Moreover, it should also be noted that in cases where it took more than 12 hours for you to resolve the query, 12 hours will be further added to the deadline because this is not our fault that you did not provide complete information (This point is not applicable for assignments that are due in less than 24 hours).
  5. For assignments that are due in less than 24 hours, we request you to please stay connected with us. In case of any query from the expertโ€™s side must be resolved immediately, no revert on the query within 2 hours from the time of the query raised will leave the expert with two choices i.e. proceed with the paper with his/her best understanding or to put the assignment on hold. Regardless of what the expert decides to do, no refund or revision will be entertained if the query is not resolved in time.
  6. In case you receive poor feedback (fail grade) from your supervisor on the paper written by an expert at Masters Assignment Help, you are โ€‹eligible for a full refund or we can do your next assignment for free (Do not worry, we will never let this happen). You need to provide evidence of your failed result. This can be the graded paper. It should be clear from this paper that the failed assignment was the one we did and the score should be clearly mentioned. We promise that you will best assistance from our team at Masters Assignment Help and you will always be more than satisfied with the work delivered by us. We are not like other essay writing services that focus on profit and quantity, our sole focus is on the quality of the work and keeping our internal staff and the customers happy.
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