Privacy and Confidentially Policy

Privacy policy

This is a very unique industry that we are operating in where customer data protection is a must whether it is related to the work that is delivered by us or your identity. In this regard, the following points must be noted:

  • We never share any information related to your identity with any third party. Such information remain confidential at Masters Assignment Help
  • We deliver 100% unique solution to our client. 
  • We do not share any information related of tutor/expert/academician who is doing your work to anyone. Customers are encourage to ask questions regarding qualifications of your tutor but do not ask questions related to identity or his/her address.    
  • Payments are handled by our online payment partners that include Paypal/VISA/Maestro and they operate under their confidentiality and privacy policy. 
  • Please note that Masters Assignment Help reserves the right to modify the privacy and confidentiality policy at any time. We request you to check our privacy and confidentiality policy frequently.    
  • Masters Assignment Help also reserves the right to disclose any confidential data in and when required by law or when we believe that data disclosure is necessary to preserve company rights for court or legal proceedings.
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