BN303 Wireless Network and Security

BN303 Wireless Network & Security- You are a new Network Engineering at Woolworth Fashion Australia Pty Ltd. Your task is to extend the computing network coverage for the staff and visitors at the Fashion Hub located at the Canberra CBD.

The staff has long been asking for mobile communications and wireless connections so that they can move around with their laptops and connect to the business through mobile phones. The problem was security. As the fashion designers share their new design ideas, it was a risk to consider using wireless communication mainly due to potential attackers who may attempt to steal the new fashion design ideas. In addition, there will be many shelves with clothes on – and a few partitions (in place of walls) that can block out some wireless signals.

The existing shop is approximately 50 meters by 20 meters, and the newly extended part will be 50 meters by 10 meters (right adjacent to the existing hub space).

BN303 Wireless Network and Security [Assignment 1 Part A]

Report the advantages and challenges of wireless communication technologies in consideration of convenience, mobility, multipath signal interferences, signal dispersion, and security issues. You may consider the above case example to consider ‘security concerns by leaking a new fashion design’. How can such a security breach occur in a wireless environment (is there a known example?). If you are making references to any external resources (including websites), please provide a reference list.

BN303 Wireless Network and Security [Assignment 1 Part B]

Your task is to select at least two of the following wireless technologies in relevance to the case scenario above:

  •  ZigBee
  •  WiMax
  •  Bluetooth
  •  RFID
  •  WLAN
  •  IoT
  •  5G

Then you will report on:

  1. Introduction to the selected technologies
  2. Use case example(s) of the selected technologies
  3. Technical backgrounds on the selected technologies
  4. Potential benefits of the selected wireless technologies to the business
  5. Security concerns or resolutions of the selected wireless technologies
  6. Final recommendations to the business clients (less than 100 words)

BN303 Wireless Network and Security

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