What is a Topic Sentence and How to Write it?

Topic sentences are an integral part of any written work such as research papers or essays, etc. Most of the students are confused that what the exactly topic sentence is. This blog will help you by clearing all the doubts related to topic sentence confusion including the definition, purpose and many more.

What is a topic sentence?

Basically, it comes at the start or end of a paragraph and introduces the main aim of your paper or essay. A topic sentence is just like the preview for a movie or headline of a newspaper. It is a map that provides a clear and concise statement of the main point to the reader. It is the first sentence of a paragraph that introduces the subject by laying out the basic concept or point of view on the topic. One of the easy topic sentence examples is “Reading books is an enjoyable and educational activity.”

A good topic sentence must be clear, concise and emphatic. It can be of various types and some of them are:

  • Simple statement: It is a basic type that is used by a writer to make a general statement to elaborate the rest of the paragraph.
  • Question statement: A question is an excellent way to start a paragraph as it will help to draw the attention of readers.
  • Command sentence: Instead of using the same sentence types again and again, phrase the topic sentences as a direct command or appeal to the readers.
  • Pivot sentence: Pivot sentence is found in the middle of the paragraph indicating a change in the argument or topic.

Where should we use the topic sentence?

Generally, it is an opening sentence in the paragraph and gives a piece of brief information about what exactly the paragraph is all about for the readers. Topic sentences are not always the first or last sentences you write. It can be developed throughout the writing process. It is often used at the very start of a paragraph but sometimes it can come at the end of the paragraph to show a change of direction in the argument. Topic sentences can be used in various forms including articles, blogs, essays, speeches and many others.

Let’s discuss what are the purpose of a topic sentence.

Purpose of a topic sentence

Just like smartphones give us direction to our desired places, Topic Sentence provides a map for the readers so that they can know what is going on in the essay or research paper. The main purpose of a topic sentence is to summarize the main idea of the paragraph. However, there is little more you must know about it. 

  • It strings the paragraphs together in a way that looks appealing and readable.
  • It helps in maintaining the flow of the piece of writing as a whole to enhance the focus of readers.
  • It helps in explaining the main idea and lets the readers know what they can expect from that paragraph or essay. In short, it acts as a preview to the readers.
  • Readers can easily get to know what the paragraph contains such as statistical data or a narrative or persuasive opinion or something else.
  • It provides a structure to the paragraph and overall piece of writing which helps you to hook the reader.

What is the difference between a topic sentence and a thesis statement?

Most of the students are confused between these two terms: topic sentence and thesis statement. So, let’s clear the confusion by letting you know how a topic sentence is different from a thesis statement.

A thesis statement primarily focuses on the main idea of an essay or research paper. It is usually written at the end of the introductory paragraph and it helps readers by providing a brief about the essay topic and what is going to be discussed in the essay. It summarizes the argument that is going to be discussed in the essay. A thesis statement is usually found in the introduction paragraph. It is also referred to as a central idea statement as it explains the argument of the main idea clearly. On the other hand, a topic sentence is used to support the thesis statement by defining the topic of each paragraph of the essay.

It is a key sentence in the paragraph that defines the main points of the thesis. It allows the reader to know what exactly a particular paragraph is about. Basically, a topic sentence helps transition to new supporting ideas or arguments in the essay or research paper.  

Let’s understand these terms with an example.

Topic sentence: The benefits of exercise include improved cardiovascular health and increased energy levels.

Thesis statement: Regular exercise is important for maintaining overall physical well-being because of its positive impact on cardiovascular health and energy levels.

In this example, thesis statement highlights the importance of regular exercise and what are its benefits.

What are the features of a good topic sentence?

It can present at the beginning of a paragraph or at the end of the paragraph followed by supporting sentences. But most often, these can appear in the middle of the paragraph as it helps in building a climax or summarizes the main idea. A strong topic sentence must have the following features:

  • It should act as a roadmap to the readers so that they can know what exactly the rest of the paragraph is about.
  • It must present the idea clearly, concisely and easy to understand.
  • It should contain a topic and an angle that is derived from the thesis statement.
  • It must contain interesting and surprising facts which can spark the interest of readers.

How to write a good topic sentence?

Now, you must be aware of what a topic sentence is and how it is different from thesis statement. Now, let’s learn how you can write one effectively. Below are steps to compose an excellent topic sentence:

  • Create a thesis statement: Thefirst step is to create a thesis statement that summarizes the main idea of your essay or research paper. It must explain the topic of discussion clearly to the readers.
  • Prepare your essay outline: Preparing an outline is integral in essay writing as here you will start to create your topic sentence. You have to be clear with the main idea of a paragraph in the first sentence. Support the main idea with facts and credible sources.    
  • Draft the topic sentence: After collecting all the information and main points, pick an impressive and strong topic sentence that is suitable for each paragraph of the essay. Try to connect your main argument with the what and why structure in order to create an ideal topic sentence. It must illustrate what exactly the topic is and why it matters. Let’s understand this with above-mentioned example. What: Regular exercise is important. Why: because of its positive impact on cardiovascular health and energy levels
  • Proofread and edit: After crafting the it, make sure to go through and read it. Proofreading will help you to avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. After figuring out errors, edit them.

Tips for writing a compelling topic sentence

Below are some useful tips to create a good and successful topic sentence:

Use complex or compound sentences

Using complex and compound sentences to strengthen your topic sentence. Make sure to connect two independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction and a comma to create a compound sentence.

Try to add new information

Don’t make an obvious statement. Always try to provide new and interesting information to the reader with your topic sentence. You can make the existing information interesting by presenting it in a new way rather than just a factual statement. 

Use transition words

Transition words can make your topic sentence more compelling as it highlights the relationship between phrases, sentences and paragraphs. There are many words that act as a transition to start a new paragraph such as another, although, even though, and so on.

Hook the reader

Don’t use topic sentences in the first sentence of a paragraph instead use them later in the opening paragraph to hook your readers.

Keep it concise and clear

Your topic sentence must be clear and concise in order to create interest among readers. It must be straight forward and your intention should be clear so that readers don’t have to hunt it down.

Final words

If you are a student, then you must learn how to create an impressive topic sentence. It will help you to structure the paragraph in your articles, essays, research papers, etc. By following above mentioned steps and tips, you can craft a focused and impressive topic sentence to grab the attention of your readers. In the cases, where you have no time to write your topic sentences or facing challenges while crafting it then you can take assistance from mastersassignmenthelp.com. We offer various academic assignment help such as essay writing, report, thesis, case studies, dissertations, etc. We have a pool of proficient writers who will assist you to craft a high-quality topic sentence in a jiffy.

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