C-Type and A-Type Conflict and its Effect on Group Decision Making: Assignment Help

The two advantages of group decision making include the diversity of views and the availability of more information (Levi, n.d.). Compared to individual decision making, when a decision is taken by a group of people, that decision can be considered better as it is likely that the pros and cons of the decision have already been evaluated by the group. Along with this, it should also be noted that before any decision is finalized in a group, a group discussion is carried on which provides the group with a diversity of views, and hence the group or the team is able to analyze various perspectives. Just think about how you are thinking about taking assignment help. Whether you should take assignment help from Masters Assignment Help or not. This process is called decision making.

The two pitfalls of group decision making are that it is a time-consuming process and it is difficult to hold anyone accountable for the decision when it is made in a group (Bensousan& Fleisher, 2015). As the name suggests, “group decisions” require a group to make a decision, hence, more than 2 people are required to make the decision after a discussion. This makes this process a time-consuming one and also it can be viewed as an inefficient use of human resources.

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C-type and A-type Conflict: Decision Making and Assignment Help

C-type conflict, is a cognitive type of conflict that showcases disagreements among the group members. C-type conflict concentrates on the benefit of ideas and projects and hence promotes creativity.

On the other hand, A-type conflict, also known as an effective conflict is caused due to ego, anger, and personal issues. In a group setting, C-type conflict is always better than A-type conflict simply because C-type conflict encourages team members to continue their discussion on the merit of the plan and ideas and hence promotes creativity. The overall output of a decision made after a C-type conflict will always be better than an A-type conflict. This can be understood via a simple example, 3 people work in the digital marketing team of a company, Mr. A, B, and C. These team members do not have any ego issue or personality conflict with each other. If they have to make a decision regarding the implementation of any business strategy, their personal issues will adversely affect the decision-making process. On the contrary, if these team members did not have any personal issues including ego and tension, their disagreements would be more projects oriented which will only enhance the efficacy of the decision made.

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