Different between argumentative and a reflective essay

Students sometimes get confused between different types of essays, namely critical, repository, argumentative, reflective, admission, etc. Today, I am going to talk about the difference between an argumentative and a reflective essay. The following points will be considered as the basis of the difference between these two types of essays

  • Point of View: When you are writing an academic argumentative essay, the point of view will be of the third person and hence third-person language is used. On the contrary, the point of view will be of first-person when you are writing a reflective essay and hence the language style will change accordingly. Experts at Masters Assignment Help are aware of such nuances which ultimately helps us write a perfect essay for you.
  • Structure: A standard argumentative essay follows the structure of introduction, body, and conclusion. You are supposed to mention the thesis statement in the introduction paragraph. When it comes to a reflective essay, the structure is not fixed. Since it depends upon the reflective model that is being used by the student or instructed by the university to follow.
  • Critical Thinking: In both types of essays the style of writing can be critical as the ideas are discussed in the light of secondary and primary literature. However, it should be noted that when writing an argumentative essay, you are supposed to present an argument for both sides, which is not the case in a reflective essay because there are no sides as such.
Different between argumentative and a reflectiveessay

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Different between argumentative and a reflective essay

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